North Texas Elevator

Digitizing a paper-based inspection company.


My Role(s)
Developer, Ux Designer

What I Did
branding, design, js, node, ui, ux

The old process

I spent time with the client to understand their current workflow and what they hoped to achieve with the new system. This is what their current process looked like when we met.


Current Process

An automated workflow


Mapping out a new process

I focused on how we could automate the proposal, inspection, and job scheduling workflows as these were the most time consuming and work intensive tasks that we could automate for the client.


New Process

In order to transition them smoothly, I segmented product development into three main phases.

  1. Digitizing current data and create data schema
  2. Inspections and job scheduling
  3. Automated proposals and invoicing

Digitizing Data

One of the first goals was to get the clients current inspection reports into the database and build a proper data schema for the system. I created a script that would process the thousands of PDF inspection reports and create the appropriate data objects.


Example Data Schema