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My Role(s)
Sr UX Designer

What I Did
patent, prototyping, research, ui, usability, ux

Grid Roulette

In the days of video rental stores, you selected a movie by browsing a wall of cover art. It was a novel experience, but never a great way to select a movie.


Browsing for a movie - Photo by Photo by Tracy Thomas

When I joined the Redbox team (three months after beta), the browse experience was like all other digital streaming services at the time; a grid of box art. My initial focus was to work with the product and marketing teams to improve the user’s browsing experience.


Browse Brainstorming


Improving the grid

In order to minimize browse time and get user’s watching faster, I introduced the idea of a dynamic media discovery panel that would decrease friction in the browse experience and increase watch time.

I’m a co-inventor of patent #20150020011 for Media Program Discovery UI Systems.


Patent Documentation

Now playing and Channels

Streamlining the browse experience was an improvement, but it was only a bandaid solution. How could we get people watching more, browsing less, and make discovering older content feel new and exciting again?


Now Playing

We introduced the idea of always on streaming channels of content that users could jump in and out of and would surface these hidden gems of content in an emergent way.




Channel Cards

Title Details

I worked on translating the new interaction model for title and series details using the card schema.


Title Details Early Version


I built a high fidelity prototype that was used to evangelize the new experience across the organization, raise more investment dollars, and was used in our usability testing and validation. Prototype was built on older designs and thus the visual discrepancy


After my work on the new web experience, I took over the iOS mobile and tablet experiences. My focus was to identify and fix immediate user problems by simplifying the complicated navigation, create parity among the mobile user experiences, and begin re-orienting the experience toward the card based now playing interaction model.



Working with the product and development teams, we raised our iOS in store app rating from 3.5 to 4.2 stars in two releases!


iPad Now Playing

ChromeCast and Airplay

After taking on the mobile experiences, I worked with the 10 foot product team to create the casting UX experiences for mobile.


Chromecast TV


Redbox was a great company and I loved working with so many fun and talented people. We created a new experience that excited users but never fully made it to market before RBI closed.

Redbox is still one of my favorite places I have worked. I made several friends with whom I still talk to many today, and went on to work with many of them again.


Working with fun and talented people is the best

A few months before Redbox Instant closed, I was invited to joined Verizon to head up a mobile video project. This was the last design I created for the service. The closing of a chapter.


RBI closed