Starship Empire

Designing a strategy role-playing game for future starship captains.


My Role(s)
Game Designer

What I Did
game design, prototyping, ux design

Starship Empire is a simulation strategy game where you manage your starship and crew out in the black reaches of space. Discover new and mysterious places as you make life and death decisions. Can you carve your own path and survive among the stars?


Ship UI (Work in progress)


UI Components

I put together a board and card based version of the game to work on gameplay and test ideas.


Starship Empire physical board prototype

Let there be power!

The new power systems utilize unity’s new Entity Component System (ECS) and job threading with chunk iteration. Available power on a PowerGrid component can be stored to any PowerStorage component connected to the grid until full. PowerGenerator components connected to a grid generate power and devices can use available power.


Power Systems Test

Spawning a galaxy

My early efforts have been focused on designing an overview of the game systems, and some of the UX, as the majority of gameplay takes place there. I have been testing the generation systems and procedures that generate the galaxy and star systems. I have started moving these over to the new ECS systems so I could test the early results with multithreading, which has been amazing. More to come.


Old galaxy creation test


Testing the rarity distribution system